Sick of me talking about my lack of new glasses yet? Then read on!

Deb talked to the VisionWorld Manager from the store near ProEx AND the District Manager who also has the Rosedale store in her district.

Seems that VisionWorld changed labs for making glasses...and then their business doubled (VisionWorld's business, I think).

This explains why my glasses are late (and I'm not the only one, apparently.). It does NOT explain the complete lack of communication coming FROM VisionWorld. That's just not good customer service...

If this had been told to me earlier, I'd be a lot more understanding about it. I am a little less pissed now, though. I know all too well that shit happens, but I also know that people are less pissed off when they have some information about WHY the shit is happening.
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Still annoyed...

OK, so they told me my glasses MIGHT be late when I called them on Thursday. They claimed they'd called on Wed to tell me that. No message on the machine & Deb assured me that they hadn't talked to her. I still figured they'd call me on Saturday with an update.

Yeah, not so much.

I was told that Saturday shipments didn't come in until 3-4pm, so I waited. Finally called them while I was driving to pick Deb up (the plan was I'd pick her up then we'd go get the glasses & maybe wander Rosedale for a little bit). That's when I found out that the new glasses "hadn't passed inspection" and "would be in sometime next week."

Two weeks in an old prescription has not been a ton of fun. Adding to the fun are the large number of scratches on the lenses, part of the reason I replaced the damn things to begin with.

I'm kind of pissed off about this whole thing. I can understand "not passing inspection," I CAN'T understand why this should happen in a time frame that keeps them from fixing the problem & still getting them to me in time. When I ordered them, they told me it would be two weeks and gave me a "Promise Date" of 31 Jan. Seems like, if you call it a "Promise Date," you should maybe do your damndest to meet that deadline. Or call it something else.

The other big issue I've got is that THEY NEVER CALLED ME. They claimed they did, but I sure didn't get any sort of message or anything. Then, they didn't call me AGAIN (despite me giving them my cell number, just to be sure they had a good number) when they KNEW the damn things were going to be late.

It remains to be seen when "sometime next week" will be & whether or not I'll get a call then. My guess is Thursday & I will AGAIN have to call them, despite the big note on the paperwork telling them to call me when they come in.

In case you're wondering, this is the Vision World in Rosedale. I'm pretty sure this'll be my last time going there.

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I had a second eye exam yesterday. No poof of air this time, they did the blue/purple light test for glaucoma, which is equally freaky because they get the light really, really, really close to your eye.

Dilation ensued & many bright lights and magnifying lenses were used to look around in both eyes. It was determined that all this was "a little to-do about nothing." Dr. called it a CHIRPE, but damned if I can find it on the net anywhere. Basically, it's just a bit of dark pigmentation at the back of my eye. Similar to a freckle or a mole. It's completely normal & not an issue. It was mentioned that it was near a blood vessel, which may have been what caused the Dr. at Vision World to want me to have it checked out.

I DID learn that, while dilated, I can see things close up...if I take my glasses off. That seems a little counter-intuitive, but I can't argue results...

Book & Movie geekery

So, I'm finally starting in on entering our DVDs and books into my computer. I've got a program (2, really) that can read barcodes via the built-in camera. I got about 80-85% success with the DVDs...and, maybe 25% with books. So, I've done a bit of barcode typing too. To the point where I borrowed a USB keyboard (none of my extra ones are USB & the Mac doesn't have a PS2 port) from work today so I can use the 10-key portion to type ISBNs.

I think I got all the DVDs yesterday & maybe 20% of the books today. Another annoying thing about the books is that the authors name gets entered (the program pulls data from Amazon based on the ISBN) as "First Last" not "Last, First" making alphabetizing an issue. I'll probably mass-edit things once I've got 'em all entered...