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Apparently, it's the current "In Thing" to post here after a long absence. Consider this me following the herd. Moo.

Not a whole lot going on lately that can't be put into a pithy facebook post. Work is work, although we're in a new building now...which has it's pluses (new layout, shiny new cubes, etc) and minuses (the network's down?, where did I put my (insert random office item here)?, etc). Overall, I like the new space. I think they could dial back the AC a bit, but I'm right by the window registers for that...so it's been 67-78 in my cube over the last week (there was an outage due to Xcel work that led to the upper end of that).

Outside of work, things have been pretty quiet. I had a couple weeks off recently and Deb & I did a quick Milwaukee trip to see the Twins play the Brewers (we lost & the stadium was OK but Target Field is so much better...it has better airflow, if nothing else). Stopped in Madison on the way back & had lunch with Ren & Brice, which was fun. Too bad they live too far away to hang out with on a more regular basis...

It's currently Sunday night & I'm tired, like I've been most of the day. I'm also sitting on an ice pack right now due to some recurring bursitis in my hip/ass. It's so fun having a chronic pain that gets worse sitting in office-type chairs. Makes work ever-so-much more "fun." Even cortisone shots (which, I might add, are REAL fun to get in the tush) haven't helped, so I'm just suffering through it, with occasional icing.

All my other various medical conditions are currently "well managed." Which means I'm being a good boy & not binging on the sugar-y treats. Which is okay most days, but sucks when I get a craving. I was going to mention the big three cravings, but I don't think I want you all to know how to torment me ;-)

OK, that's enough rambling for now, I now return you to other LJ entries. If they're anything like mine, they've mostly been syndicated web-comic feeds and random weirdness...

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