dittrich (dittrich) wrote,

Kind of a lazy day. Deb's working & I didn't really have anything planned...beyond putting a little laundry away.

Went out to MOA around 1pm & decided to grab some Taco Bell (I know, I know, but I get the craving every-so-often). Wrong time of day for the food court. I ended up eating on a bench just outside the food court because there weren't any open tables.

Post-lunch, I wandered a bit. Didn't really find much & I got tired of the crowds in my way so I left. I almost went out to Microcenter, but decided I didn't really need anything so I wasn't going to get tempted and just came home instead.

I'm working my way through the last half season of Battlestar Galactica now that the DVDs are out. I'm only watching one or two episodes at a time instead of doing the whole thing in one sitting. Today's were a two-parter, so that worked out...

Tomorrow is up in the air. Deb has the day off, except for a 9am meeting that she's pretty unthrilled about.

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