dittrich (dittrich) wrote,

Productive day!

* Bought supplies to make beer tomorrow. Bought a German Alt kit from Northern Brewer. I haven't had Alt since I was in Germany, but I remember it fondly. It should be ready when Max, Janel, & Locke are in town.

* Got the nasty futon out of the guest room & into the garage. Now I need to figure out how to get rid of it permanently. I'm thinking about checking into a dumpster (we've got more than just the futon to get rid of). Other trash was also dealt with.

* Installed Ubuntu & Boxee on Deb's Old Laptop (and named it DOLT) and hooked it up to the TV. This makes two computers that I've got attached to it. This wasn't necessarily the original plan. I was just hooking it up temporarily to get it set up as a linux server so I can test out some stuff. However, I found a free iPhone App to control Boxee (it's a media player, it can do streaming video off the internet, unlike my DVR software. Think Hulu on your TV instead of your computer) and it worked so well, I'm thinking I might leave it hooked up. It can do the server stuff in the background anyway...

* Moved the recordings directory on the DVR to a different drive. It was on the OS drive & HD recordings were sometimes skipping a bit. I'm not sure if this is a fix or not. I'm tentatively planning on a bigger hard drive in the fall (don't need it now & I might be able to get a bigger drive for the same amount of money when I DO need the space) and I might just have to go with a faster one (which will cost more, I'm sure)

* Got a case for the old hard drive from Deb's Old Laptop. It's an odd size (11.2mm thick instead of 9.5mm) so finding a case has been a problem. Even the one I DID buy, I can't get the top on it. It came with a faux leather case, though, so I just shoved it in there. I want to use it for off-site backup (in other words, I'm going to take it to work & put it in a drawer), so I don't think it'll see so much use that heat will be a problem.

* I also got some smaller domestic type items done but I won't list them off.

I need to add some stuff to the list for tomorrow now too...

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