dittrich (dittrich) wrote,

Haven't done bullet points in a while...

  • When parking the car the other day, Deb & I saw a family getting out of an Excursion. We didn't know it was a single family (so many kids) until we saw the back of the vehicle. There were two regular sized Jesus fish & six smaller ones...
  • We saw Adventureland yesterday. It was okay, but not spectacular. I'd call it a rental or bargain matinee.
  • I went to Vicksburg, MS the week before last for work to discuss server consolidation. I realized that the parts of the process I would find interesting are the parts I won't get to do. This realization kinda sucked.
  • While on the work trip, I got to try some moonshine. From a Mason jar. That had been transported across several state lines. It tasted a LOT better than it smelled.
  • It's April & it snowed overnight. What the hell?!?!?!
  • I'm trying to think of something to do today that's fun AND compatible with getting some dishes & laundry done. Nothing is coming to mind. It's not even nice enough to clean up the backyard, which isn't fun, but is necessary.
  • I've got approximately 21 pounds of pennies in two Sweet Martha's Cookie buckets. I'm debating cashing them in at Rainbow for an Amazon gift card. I do have a book habit to support...
  • I can't find replacement blades for my razor. Target ad today has the Gillette Fusion on sale...plus a $5 gift card if you buy it & one other item (shaving cream!)...and Deb found a $2 coupon in the paper.

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