dittrich (dittrich) wrote,

Had a pretty good day.

- Took Noah to the vet again. He got three injections, including 6oz of fluids because he was a little dehydrated. He also got a prescription (which we had to fill at an actual pharmacy...did you know there's a checkbox on Targets prescription forms for "pet"?) for an appetite stimulant. It's a pill & we'll attempt THAT tomorrow. He goes back Monday for more fluids (he's been a little dehydrated, along with his other woes).

- Took a completely ineffectual nap. Woke up feeling worse than if I'd skipped it.

- Went to MOA for a bit. Ended up being crowded and not terribly cool in there. Good exercise I guess, but not a joyously wonderful shopping experience (bought soda, nothing else).

- Hit the pet store, bought different cat food (Noah seems to like it and we have to encourage that), a mat for under the food and water, & some dried tuna flakes (which went over like a fart in church, despite the picture of another cat of Noah's breed on it)

- Olive Garden for dinner. Leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

- Noah likes tuna. (I'm sure you are noticing a Noah-centric bent to my recent posts... Screw you if you don't like it. I love my kitties and am very willing to go the extra mile for them.)

- Watched Mallrats. We'd just finished disc 1 of "An evening with Kevin Smith" and felt we needed to watch one of his movies... Definitely an underrated film.

- Drank a little more wine than I probably should have. Wine buzzes are pretty nice, though.

- We're talking about seeing Clerks II again tomorrow. Matinee this time. It must be a film we like if both Deb & I agree about seeing it twice in the theatre.

- Got another wedding invite in the mail today. Feel loved and stuff...

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