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Apparently, it's the current "In Thing" to post here after a long absence. Consider this me following the herd. Moo.

Not a whole lot going on lately that can't be put into a pithy facebook post. Work is work, although we're in a new building now...which has it's pluses (new layout, shiny new cubes, etc) and minuses (the network's down?, where did I put my (insert random office item here)?, etc). Overall, I like the new space. I think they could dial back the AC a bit, but I'm right by the window registers for it's been 67-78 in my cube over the last week (there was an outage due to Xcel work that led to the upper end of that).

Outside of work, things have been pretty quiet. I had a couple weeks off recently and Deb & I did a quick Milwaukee trip to see the Twins play the Brewers (we lost & the stadium was OK but Target Field is so much has better airflow, if nothing else). Stopped in Madison on the way back & had lunch with Ren & Brice, which was fun. Too bad they live too far away to hang out with on a more regular basis...

It's currently Sunday night & I'm tired, like I've been most of the day. I'm also sitting on an ice pack right now due to some recurring bursitis in my hip/ass. It's so fun having a chronic pain that gets worse sitting in office-type chairs. Makes work ever-so-much more "fun." Even cortisone shots (which, I might add, are REAL fun to get in the tush) haven't helped, so I'm just suffering through it, with occasional icing.

All my other various medical conditions are currently "well managed." Which means I'm being a good boy & not binging on the sugar-y treats. Which is okay most days, but sucks when I get a craving. I was going to mention the big three cravings, but I don't think I want you all to know how to torment me ;-)

OK, that's enough rambling for now, I now return you to other LJ entries. If they're anything like mine, they've mostly been syndicated web-comic feeds and random weirdness...

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Heard a guy bitching at the food court today about the "Cash for Clunkers" program.

He actually said something along the lines of "If I could trade my Porsche in for a new Porsche, I'd be all for it." This was shortly after he said something along the lines of "Why would I trade my Land Rover in on a small, economy car?"

My choices were to get up & leave or turn and talk to the guy. I got up & left.

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Kind of a lazy day. Deb's working & I didn't really have anything planned...beyond putting a little laundry away.

Went out to MOA around 1pm & decided to grab some Taco Bell (I know, I know, but I get the craving every-so-often). Wrong time of day for the food court. I ended up eating on a bench just outside the food court because there weren't any open tables.

Post-lunch, I wandered a bit. Didn't really find much & I got tired of the crowds in my way so I left. I almost went out to Microcenter, but decided I didn't really need anything so I wasn't going to get tempted and just came home instead.

I'm working my way through the last half season of Battlestar Galactica now that the DVDs are out. I'm only watching one or two episodes at a time instead of doing the whole thing in one sitting. Today's were a two-parter, so that worked out...

Tomorrow is up in the air. Deb has the day off, except for a 9am meeting that she's pretty unthrilled about.

Productive day!

* Bought supplies to make beer tomorrow. Bought a German Alt kit from Northern Brewer. I haven't had Alt since I was in Germany, but I remember it fondly. It should be ready when Max, Janel, & Locke are in town.

* Got the nasty futon out of the guest room & into the garage. Now I need to figure out how to get rid of it permanently. I'm thinking about checking into a dumpster (we've got more than just the futon to get rid of). Other trash was also dealt with.

* Installed Ubuntu & Boxee on Deb's Old Laptop (and named it DOLT) and hooked it up to the TV. This makes two computers that I've got attached to it. This wasn't necessarily the original plan. I was just hooking it up temporarily to get it set up as a linux server so I can test out some stuff. However, I found a free iPhone App to control Boxee (it's a media player, it can do streaming video off the internet, unlike my DVR software. Think Hulu on your TV instead of your computer) and it worked so well, I'm thinking I might leave it hooked up. It can do the server stuff in the background anyway...

* Moved the recordings directory on the DVR to a different drive. It was on the OS drive & HD recordings were sometimes skipping a bit. I'm not sure if this is a fix or not. I'm tentatively planning on a bigger hard drive in the fall (don't need it now & I might be able to get a bigger drive for the same amount of money when I DO need the space) and I might just have to go with a faster one (which will cost more, I'm sure)

* Got a case for the old hard drive from Deb's Old Laptop. It's an odd size (11.2mm thick instead of 9.5mm) so finding a case has been a problem. Even the one I DID buy, I can't get the top on it. It came with a faux leather case, though, so I just shoved it in there. I want to use it for off-site backup (in other words, I'm going to take it to work & put it in a drawer), so I don't think it'll see so much use that heat will be a problem.

* I also got some smaller domestic type items done but I won't list them off.

I need to add some stuff to the list for tomorrow now too...

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Just figured out the mystery of why I managed to go through an entire prescription of test strips in a month (they come 100 at a time, I test twice a the math). I didn't take both boxes (50 per box) out of the bag in my Inbox. Oops.

Got a refill today (co-pay was $20...cost per strip is approx $ more math) so I guess I'm set for a while...

Haven't done bullet points in a while...

  • When parking the car the other day, Deb & I saw a family getting out of an Excursion. We didn't know it was a single family (so many kids) until we saw the back of the vehicle. There were two regular sized Jesus fish & six smaller ones...
  • We saw Adventureland yesterday. It was okay, but not spectacular. I'd call it a rental or bargain matinee.
  • I went to Vicksburg, MS the week before last for work to discuss server consolidation. I realized that the parts of the process I would find interesting are the parts I won't get to do. This realization kinda sucked.
  • While on the work trip, I got to try some moonshine. From a Mason jar. That had been transported across several state lines. It tasted a LOT better than it smelled.
  • It's April & it snowed overnight. What the hell?!?!?!
  • I'm trying to think of something to do today that's fun AND compatible with getting some dishes & laundry done. Nothing is coming to mind. It's not even nice enough to clean up the backyard, which isn't fun, but is necessary.
  • I've got approximately 21 pounds of pennies in two Sweet Martha's Cookie buckets. I'm debating cashing them in at Rainbow for an Amazon gift card. I do have a book habit to support...
  • I can't find replacement blades for my razor. Target ad today has the Gillette Fusion on a $5 gift card if you buy it & one other item (shaving cream!)...and Deb found a $2 coupon in the paper.